Different Strokes for Different Folks! Our singles come in a large paddler and small paddler version. All Kayaks have rudders or skegs. Our singles have a sealed hatch on each end for storage and safety (won't sink)


A Great Way to Explore the Island

No mater where your staying on Prince of Wales, a good spot to launch a Kayak or Canoe is not far away. Paddle boating is one of the best ways to view wildlife up close, and without disturbing them and their environment. Don't forget your camera!

What We Offer

We have (4) single kayaks, and (2) canoes. All come with paddles and life jackets, as well as skirts for the kayaks. We also provide a paddle arm float which aids you in getting back into the boat should you (ewww!) capsize and have dry bags that can be included. Though many of our vehicles have kayak attachments on the roof, check with us before hand so we can make sure your rig will have that ability.


Even on a beautiful day on the Island, the water is very cold. Kayaking should not be attempted without special considerations on your skill level, the weather and where you plan to kayak. Though our boats are chosen for their stability, weather changes rapidly and an unexpected dunk in the water can be life threatening. Children should always be supervised because of the water temperature risk, which can take you over in a matter of minutes. You should never kayak alone, especially since that reduces our rental revenues!.