Distances to places on the Island - Work in Progress - Routes are also changing

There is no official road mileage chart to the Island, and this is a work in progress.. Now there are mileage posts and signage on the Island, but most of them were place by road crews who became challenged apparently while drinking or using mind altering substances, for which they were not accustom (so they are inaccurate).

Now keep in mind, that I too am making some these distances and travel times up (but I will update it as we get locals to participate in validations.Also, road construction and can alter stuff dramatically. There's and abundance of wildlife often near the roads, especially in the hours justbefore and after sunset and sunrise, and if you are traveling to/from the Ferry in the morning or evening, you will usually see some at one point or another (another good reason to take Taquan Air). So give yourself time and be safe!

The deer are what is most frequently on the roads, at night (we have counted over 100 on the road from Hollis to Craig at night on several occasions). These deer are so "mentally challenged" that you can often stop, roll down your window and talk to them for about 15 seconds before they take off running. Their direction of choice is very unpredictable and they may run in front of your vehicle. I have never thought of wildlife as dinner, but these things are so stupid that you realize that's what they were made for pretty quick. After awhile, you may even instinctively drool when you see them.

Hollis Hydaburg Klawock Craig Control Lake Coffman Cove N-end Construct Zone WhalePass Thorne Bay
Hollis 0 34mi 1hr 25mi 45min 32mi 1hr 43mi 1hr15 83mi 2hr1 About 67 mi 2hr 130mi 3hr45 60mi 1hr45
Hydaburg 34mi 1hr 0 40mi 1hr15min 47mi 1hr30 58mi 1hr45 98mi 2hr45 82mi 2hr 145mi 4hr15 75mi 2hr15
Klawock 25mi 45min 40mi 1hr15min 0 7mi 15min 18mi 40min 58mi 1hr30 42mi 1hr15 105mi 3hr 35mi 1hr
Craig 32mi 1hr 47mi 1hr30min 7mi 15min 0 25mi 45min 65mi 1hr45 49mi 1hr30 112mi 3hr15 42mi 1hr15
Coffman Cove 83mi 2hr1 98mi 2hr45 58mi 1hr30 65mi 1hr45 40mi 1hr 0 20mi 45min 83mi 2hr30 58mi 1hr30
Whale Pass 130mi 3hr45 145mi 4hr15 105mi 3hr 112mi 3hr15 87mi 2hr30 83mi 2hr30 63mi 1hr45 0 105mi 3hr
Thorne Bay 60mi 1hr45 75mi 2hr15 35mi 1hr 42mi 1hr15 18mi 30min 58mi 1hr30 42mi 1hr15 105mi 3hr 0
Control Lake 43mi 1hr15 58mi 1hr45min 18mi 30min 25mi 45min 0 40mi 1hr 24mi 45min 87mi 2hr30 18mi 30min
Kassan 75mi 2hr30 90mi 3hr 50mi 1hr45 57mi 2hr 32mi 1hr15 72mi 2hr15 56mi 2hr 119mi 3hr45 30mi 1hr15
Staney Creek Cabin 58mi 1hr45 73mi 2hr15 33mi 1hr 40mi 1hr15 15mi 30min 32mi 1hr changes 5-12 miles 30min 77mi 2hr15 33mi 1hr
Naukati 67mi 2hr 82mi 2hr30 42mi 1hr15 49mi 1hr30 24mi 45min 25mi 45min changes 5-12 miles 30min 63mi 1hr45 42mi 1hr15
El Capitan Caves 97mi 3hr15 112mi 3hr45 72mi 2hr30 79mi 2hr45 54mi 2hr 65mi 2hr changes 33-40 mi 1hr-1hr30 33mi 1hr 72mi 2hr30
Labouchere Bay 153mi 4hr15 168mi 4hr30 128mi 3hr45 121mi 3hr30 110mi 3hr30 126mi 3hr45 changes 87-94 mi 2hr15-2hr30 23mi 45min 128mi 3hr45