Hollis Adventure Rentals
Our Competition
We wanted to make it easy for you to see the other options for renting vehicles on the Island. We
aren't concerned about how we compare to others.

Rainforest Auto in Craig. 907-826-2277
Wesley Auto Rental in Klawock (907) 617-8837

A couple of things to point out;

We don't charge delivery fees to Craig, Klawock or Hollis. We will quote you a full price including tax
and all fees, so make sure you understand what the total costs are before you commit to others. We
don't rent crappy rigs with problems, which is not the case with others on the Island. We clean our
rigs and safety check them before each rental. We are not like any other company you have ever
rented from. We take your vacation (or business) trip seriously. The rigs you rent from us are nicer
than our own personal vehicles. No kidding.

We include a lot of extras in our rigs,
like coolers (almost a requirement when visiting the Island), a
deluxe map of the Island, first aid kits, binoculars and the optional SPOT Satellite Messenger that
you can use to get aid in an emergency.
None of our competition offers any of these extras. We
spend more than any others on maintenance, quality tires and cleaning/upkeep. Each vehicle is
cleaned throughly and inspected from a checklist prior to you taking possession.  

We have several rigs tailored for the budget inclined and thereby offer the lowest cost vehicle
rentals on the Island.

All our trucks have canopy covers Other rental trucks on the Island have open beds. Go figure!

Check out our Google Reviews
here and you will see why trusting your vacation investment with us
is not so bad.

In the winter, we only run 4x4 rigs most with studded snow tires. We've never seen our competition
use studded tires. Yea, it would cost a lot more profitable to just use the all-season tires we run in
the summer. But we aren't narcissistic profit focused business people and it works out to be a
Blessing. We have found the Karma bus is a lot funner to ride on than to get run over by.
We do this for fun, so if your a "turd", an icky person or basically no
fun at all, please utilize one of the numbers above and tell'em
:Darren sent you!